The Runway Manila /

An air-conditioned sky ramp

Manila, Philippines
Bespoke design 90% System diversity 4 types Building height 41m Built-up area 1.540 s.q.m

Traversing wrapping system

A pedestrian glass crosswalk that connects the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 with its neighbouring Newport City, making trips to and from the once traffic-addled airport a relative breeze.

The bottom of the runway is located at a 33m height, is 8m high, 9m wide and 64m long.


Design and produce a complete system that wraps the crosswalk and allows access to any point of the facade and roof for cleaning and maintenance at 33m height.


In order to access the roof, bottom and both sides of the structure, a customized BMU has been designed. This consists of two small traversing units, one on each side of the roof, which traverse along the whole length of it and from which a 10m long cradle hangs located in the bottom part of the bridge; also traversing ladders are attached to the chassis in order to cover both sides of the building. These two chassis are linked with a platform from which workers can clean the whole roof.


· Versatility:

The customized BMU is designed to access various parts of the structure, including the roof, bottom, and both sides. This versatility ensures comprehensive coverage for cleaning and maintenance activities.

· Efficient Access:

The inclusion of two small traversing units on each side of the roof enables efficient movement along the entire length. This design allows access to the roof area, a critical aspect for maintenance tasks and inspections.

· 360-Degree Coverage:

The system provides access to any point of the facade and roof, ensuring a complete 360-degree coverage. This feature is particularly beneficial for buildings with complex architectural designs or irregular structures.

· Traversing Ladders:

Traversing ladders attached to the chassis enhance accessibility to both sides of the building. This feature allows workers to reach various points without repositioning the entire system, contributing to time efficiency.

· Customization for Height:

The BMU is designed for operations at a height of 33 meters. Customization for specific height requirements ensures that it meets the unique needs of the building.

· Secure Cradle Design:

The 10-meter long cradle located in the bottom part of the bridge provides a stable and secure platform for workers. Safety is prioritized to facilitate effective maintenance and cleaning procedures.

  • Custom BMU 10m special drum hoist cradle with traversing SafeLadders and gantry
  • Fallprotec SecuRail 300m
Runway manila cleaning system
Runway manila cleaning bmu

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance