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Traversing ladders


Aesthetic solution for short-length facades

The traversing ladder is a SafeLadder travelling on a SafeAccess rail fixed on the facade or on a parapet. Wheels are provided at the bottom of the ladder to increase the stability. Additional accessories may be fitted on the ladder, such as a platform above a parapet, footrests and telescopic sections among others. The ladder is connected to the rail through a wide range of trolleys that can be motorized - even battery operated trolleys - or manually operated, allowing the horizontal displacement all over the facade. 

This is an optimal solution for the cleaning and maintenance of facades that do not exceed 12m in height and which have easy access from the ground. The SafeLadder is an aluminium ladder equipped with an integrated protection system against falls. The system has been designed and tested in accordance with the EN353/1 standard for personal protective equipment. 

The SafeAccess rail system is an anchoring device that has been tested and approved according to the standard EN1808 for suspended access equipment.


· Horizontal Movement: Traversing ladders enable workers to move horizontally along the building's facade, expanding the reach beyond a traditional vertical ladder.

· Compact Design: Especially suitable for short-length facades where a full-scale suspended access system might be excessive, providing a more streamlined and discreet solution.


· Short-Length Facades: Traversing ladders are particularly well-suited for buildings with limited vertical height but requiring access to various points horizontally.

· Architectural Integration: They offer an aesthetic solution, blending with the building's design without compromising on safety.

Safety Features:

· Fall Protection: Traversing ladders are designed with safety in mind, often featuring attachment points for personal fall protection equipment.

· Sturdy Construction: Ensures stability and safety during horizontal movement.

Aesthetic Solution:

· Architectural Integration: Traversing ladders provide an aesthetic alternative to bulkier access solutions, seamlessly integrating with the building's design.

· Discreet Appearance: The compact design and traversing capability contribute to a discreet and less obtrusive appearance.

  • Rapidly installed and low-cost solution
  • A lightweight solution
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • A discrete solution for gleaming facades

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance