The ingenious Gomyl

Putting innovation in safe access at heights

FBA Gomyl is a dynamic engineering, manufacturing and consultancy group of experienced specialists from the building service industry. The company’s services provide solutions to a growing portfolio of high-profile clients including managing agents, blue chip corporations, and key service contractors. The service is based on a selection of audit processes relating to engineering, manufacturing, management, use and maintenance of permanently installed building maintenance units (BMUs) and associated mobile and temporary access equipment.


Bringing innovation is at the heart of our development, combined with our engineering skills and customer-oriented approach, will guarantee a leadership position in the market for safe access solutions and BMUs.


Our mission is to ensure safe and secure height-working conditions in every situation flawlessly. To fulfill each customer’s requirements, we provide bespoke solutions conforming to each standard of every market. We aim to maintain contact and build long-term relationships with clients. Our employees are our biggest asset. Our ambitious goals will be achieved by promoting the talent and creativity of our team. We are committed to constant innovation which is the best way to exceed expectations and maintain our outstanding reputation. Our partners are selected carefully so that quality is guaranteed at each level and to ensure an efficient and sustainable value-chain. We are the specialist in the design and production of tailor-made building maintenance systems, comprising safe access solutions, fall arrest systems, and roof car solutions.


Fassadenbefahranlagen Gomyl GmbH was founded by Gomyl S.A. Madrid (Spain) in 1999. The company has been taken over by the actual German owners in 2005 and has a registered address in Köln, Germany. After the takeover, the company has been complete reorganized and restructured management-wise and financially.  Furthermore, the range of products and services has been brought up to date to meet the actual market requirements. Since then, FBA Gomyl GmbH is now considered as a blue chip company owned exclusively by Dipl.-Kfm. Jan-Erik Grothe, founding partner of Capital Access S.A.

  • German leading technology Solutions engineered in Germany
  • Worldwide project references FBA Gomyl has executed projects in 5 continents
  • Extensive understanding of bespoke access systems The management of FBA Gomyl has more than 25 years of vast experience in this specialized market
  • Tailor-made systems for complete maintenance and cleaning solutions FBA Gomyl and its affiliated companies have a broad range of products and solutions to combine

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance