Height Safety Products

Traversing gantries


Minimizing visual impact

The gantry solutions are designed for inside and external maintenance of some constructions such as glazed structures like domes, skylights and atriums. The solution is designed to fit each specific building shape and built in aluminium, which ensures the low weight and durability against damage and corrosion. Gantries are expected to preserve the aesthetic of architecture by being almost invisible. Until today gantries of up to 30m length have been manufactured and installed.

The system is equipped with a high mounted handrail, closed ends and a fall arrest device which ensures that the users are always in a safe working position.  

The traversing system combines a gantry with the SafeAccess monorail system. It can be electrical-powered, battery powered or manually operated, telescopic or fixed length among other changeable features.


Roof Access: Traversing gantries are often installed on rooftops to provide safe access for maintenance, inspection, or repair work.

Building Façade Maintenance:They can be used for tasks such as window cleaning or exterior building maintenance.

Industrial Environments: Commonly employed in industrial settings for accessing machinery, equipment, or structures at height.


Horizontal Mobility: The ability to traverse horizontally along the length of the gantry provides flexibility for users to reach different areas without the need for repositioning the entire structure.

Safety Rails and Guardrails: Gantry system are typically equipped with safety rails and guardrails to prevent accidental falls.


Traversing gantries can be customized based on specific site requirements, including the length of the track and additional features such as tool trays or platforms 


  • A lightweight solution
  • Easily hidden in parking position
  • More than 2 users can work simultaneously
  • System bolted and not welded
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • Access to the whole gantry structure
  • Modular system, which allows augmentation or exclusion of elements

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance