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Modern-day curtain walls

San Marino, San Marino
Bespoke design 20% System diversity 1 type Building height 40 m Built-up area: 11.000 m²

The standard machine for small buildings

This building has been previously an office building and in 2015 it has been completely renovated and converted to a luxury apartment building in San Marino.


As the structure has not changed, a very lightweight Building Maintenance Unit with material hoist has been required.


The rail track had to be a freely laid track without any penetration of the roof in order not to damage the water proofing. 

The rail track for Building Maintenance Units (BMU) plays a critical role in facilitating the movement and operation of BMUs for building maintenance tasks. In this context, a specific type of rail track, approximately 100 meters in length, is described. It is designed to be freely laid and supported by roof mates on concrete sleepers.

The rail track spans approximately 100 meters, providing a substantial reach for the BMU to cover a significant area of the building's facade. The configuration of the rail track is optimized for the specific layout and dimensions of the building it serves.

Key Features:

· Versatility: The rail track design accommodates the movement of BMUs with various configurations, allowing for versatile access to different parts of the building.

· Ease of Installation: The freely laid design and the use of concrete sleepers contribute to the ease and efficiency of installation.

  • BMU Type FBA 2 A machine with material hoist of 150kg
  • Rail track for BMU Approximately 100m of freely laid rail track with roof mates on concrete sleepers
San Marino's Resident Buildings cleaning system
San Marino's BMU cleaning system

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance