Resident Buildings / Battistini Piersante & Emanuela Valli Studio Tecnico

Modern-day curtain walls

San Marino, San Marino
Bespoke design 20% System diversity 1 type Building height 40 m Built-up area: 11.000 m²

The standard machine for small buildings

This building has been previously an office building and in 2015 it has been completely renovated and converted to a luxury apartment building in San Marino.


As the structure has not changed, a very lightweight Building Maintenance Unit with material hoist has been required.


The rail track had to be a freely laid track without any penetration of the roof in order not to damage the water proofing. 

  • BMU Type FBA 2 A machine with material hoist of 150kg
  • Rail track for BMU Approximately 100m of freely laid rail track with roof mates on concrete sleepers
San Marino's Resident Buildings cleaning system
San Marino's BMU cleaning system

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance