Discovery Primea / Tange Associates

Makati’s yellow tower

Makati, Philippines
Bespoke design 80 % System diversity 3 types Building height 239 m Built-up area 65.392 m²

Pantograph solution for facade's concealed areas

Discovery Primea is a member of the prestigious Preferred Hotels & Resorts LVX Collection, a selection of refined and globally sophisticated hotels and resorts.Situated along Ayala Avenue in the Makati Central Business District, the 68-storey residential tower is one of the tallest buildings in the Philippines. Primea is part-hotel and part-residence.

The building was designed by the Japanese master architect Kenzo Tange in partnership with Filipino architect Jorge Ramos.


The particular maintenance requirement of the building was lead on one side by its height of more than 250m, the protruding balconies and other recessed areas.


FBA has designed, produced and delivered a BMU with pantograph in the cradle to reach internal areas of the facade.

SafeAccess monorail for suspension of cradles has been installed for the most internal areas.

The inclusion of a pantograph mechanism enhances the versatility of the BMU.

The pantograph design allows for efficient and precise movement, making it particularly well-suited for navigating intricate and internal sections of a building's facade.

Components and Features:

· Pantograph Arm: The articulated arm that extends and retracts, providing a flexible and adaptive reach.

· Compact Design: The BMU is engineered to be compact, allowing it to access confined internal spaces while ensuring optimal stability.

· Control System: Operators have the ability to control the movement and positioning of the BMU with precision.

  • BMU Type FBA 1 A machine with a mast 12m high, a single jib and 3,6m aluminium pantograph cradle
  • Safe access equipment type SafeAccess Approximately 50m of monorail
  • FBA PC Powered cradles sets For SafeAccess monorail
  • Complete double rail track With access to garage area for the BMU
Discovery Primea BMU cleaning facade
Discovery Primea BMU pantograpgh

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance