Banco de la Nación / Bouygues

Peru's tallest building

Lima, Peru
Bespoke design 80 % System diversity 4 types Building height 138 m Built-up area 66.000 m²

A folded modular BMU

The new headquarters of Banco de la Nación in Lima is the new tallest building of 30 floors in Peru. From the top of the building Lima can be seen almost completely, from the hills to the coast. The highest terrace of the building is equipped with a heliport. The building has been designed and built by using the highest LEED technologies.


Design an invisible system – in its parking position – for the maintenance and cleaning of both main towers as well for the connecting floors and the podium area. 


FBA Gomyl designed and installed 2 BMUs FBA 40 with a powered cradle set as well as Davit system for the terraces. The cradle set can be interchanged between the systems.

The BMUs are installed on an elevated rail track system which is installed behind the parapets. The BMU’s are extremely lightweight and can be folded/unfolded when is not in use - modular design BMU. The aluminum Davits are 3,6m high and have an outreach of 2,10m. 

To all BMU systems we added SecuRope lifelines for the user’s safety.


· Efficiency: FBA BMUs streamline external building maintenance, reducing the time and effort required.

· Versatility: Different types of BMUs cater to diverse building structures and maintenance needs.

· Minimized Disruption: Building occupants experience minimal disruption during external maintenance activities.


· Window Cleaning: BMUs are widely used for efficient and safe window cleaning on tall buildings.

· Facade Maintenance: They facilitate the inspection, repair, and maintenance of building façades.

· Painting and Sealing: BMUs support tasks related to building aesthetics and protection.

  • BMU Type FBA 40 A special machine type roof car
  • FBA PC Powered cradles sets 2m cradle long
  • Rail track for BMU Approximately 100m installed behind the parapets
  • Davit system 8 units made in aluminium and 30 bases distributed over several floors
  • Cable lifeline type SecuRope Approximately 100m
Banco de la Nación_cleaning facades invisible system
Banco de la Nación_cleaning facades invisible system

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance