Globe Tower / Aidea

An award-winning eco-friendly construction

Taguig, Philippines
Bespoke design 80 % System diversity 5 types Building height 84 m Built-up area 70.000 m²

Climbing monorail for inclined facades

Globe Telecom's Headquarters is an award-winning structure due to its sustainable and environment-friendly construction practices as well as its technologically advanced features. The building was awarded the Best Commercial Architectural Design and Best Commercial Development during the 2014 Southeast Asia Property Awards.

LEED Gold Certification is in the works for the Globe Headquarters building. Builders and designers are confident that the sustainability and cost-efficient features of the building are more than enough to make the certification happen.


Cleaning and maintenance of tower’s facade, which has an inclined top edge and lower public terraces. 


In cooperation with the architect’s firm and our local partner in Philippines M/s Vonotec Inc., the concept of a climbing monorail in conjunction with powered cradles and special facade guide systems has been developed. To cope with the highest safety standards, an active climbing system with SafeAccess monorails and incorporated chain drive system has been installed.

For the lower terraces, a lightweight aluminium Davit system with modular powered cradles were installed. The inward recessed facades were covered by a SecuRail aluminium rail which was incorporated in the joints of the facade elements.

  • Safe access equipment type SafeAccess Approximately 300m of climbing monorail with chain drive and motorised trolleys
  • FBA PC Powered cradles sets For SafeAccess monorail and Davit system
  • Ladders type SafeLadder Solution to reach the BMU system
  • Restraint system type SecuRail A facade guide system
  • Davit system Made in Aluminium

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance