The Grand Hyatt MetroBank Financial Center / Federal Land, Inc

The new business and social hub of Manila

Manila, Philippines
Bespoke design 80 % System diversity 3 types Building height 318 m Built-up area 1.950 m²

A BMU challenge for limited spaces

The Grand Hyatt Metrobank Center is a 66-storey and 318m high skyscraper, located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. The first 25 floors of the skyscraper will be occupied by the Grand Hyatt Hotel (500 to 600 rooms), while the rest, by residential and commercial units.

Opening in the second quarter of 2017, Grand Hyatt Manila aspires to become the metropolis’s leading icon of dining, lifestyle and entertainment in the capital city of The Philippines. Located in the heart of Manila’s most vibrant commercial and entertainment centre, it will be the tallest building in the Philippines.


The roof deck design made the installation of a building maintenance system a challenge: It was composed by four divided areas, each of them facing one of the facades, with a minimum space for a BMU to pass. It also incorporated a high parapet.

Also, it was not acceptable for the client to install a rail track on the roof deck, as it was destined to be a balcony for visitors. The facades included various ”gaps” to the inside which still made the building maintenance more complicated.


As the space available for the machine width was minimum, and a high parapet needed to be overcome, a machine with a small wheel-span and a telescopic mast had to be designed. Also, the counterweight was specially designed to fit in the small available space.

As a normal rail track could not be installed, we designed a foldable guide rail system which allowed the concealment of it when not in use, so the machine wheel system is composed of front wheels guided through the guide rail and the free rear rubber wheels.

A pantograph is incorporated to access to the inner facades.

In order to use the same machine in the four separated roof deck areas, four steel platform were built joining each of the areas and creating a closed traversing loop for the machine.

Regarding the upper roof deck, which is metallic and inclined, a Securail system from Fallprotec has been installed so that every area is accessible by roof technicians, for for the crown cleaning.

  • BMU Type FBA S A machine with a telescopic mast 6,5m high, a single jib with an elbow, with a 2m cradle with a 2,5m reach pantograph
  • Foldable guide rail system Approximately 150m
  • Steel platforms 4 units with curves fixed permanently to the building structure
  • Rail lifeline type SecuRail 300m for the crown cleaning
  • Ladder type SecuRail 20m for the spire antenna
  • Cable lifeline type SecuRope 200m for the corner platforms of the BMU due to absence of guide rails
Grand Hyatt MetroBank Center building cleaning
Grand Hyatt MetroBank Center BMU

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance