Camouflaged access solution

Concealed rail for suspended equipment

Concealed rail for suspended equipment

The concealed rail is a discreet height access system that is hidden in a technical ceiling or a soffit. The rail integrates harmoniously the aesthetics of the building. The track can be curved and powder coated in any RAL colour. Custom-made brackets enable to align the rail and the ceiling. The trolleys roll in the inner channel of the rail. Manually, motorized or battery operated trolleys are used for horizontal movements. Compatible with rope access technicians, the RopeClimber and suspended platforms.

Functionality: Despite being hidden, concealed rail systems are engineered to provide robust support for suspended equipment, ensuring safe and effective operation for tasks like window cleaning or maintenance.

Customization: The design of concealed rails can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the building, taking into account factors such as building height, structural considerations, and the type of suspended equipment to be used.

Safety: As with any suspended access system, safety is paramount. Concealed rail systems are designed and installed with a focus on ensuring the safety of operators and the surrounding environment.

Versatility: These systems can be adapted for use on various building facades and structures. The versatility of concealed rail systems makes them suitable for different types of architectural designs.


  • Suspended access
  • Maintenance architectural highlights and monuments
  • Maintenance of airport facades
  • Maintenance of Hospital facades
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall facades
  • Maintenance of skyscraper


  • Aluminium rail (5kg /m) 
  • Discreet solution hidden in the ceiling, well suited for architectural buildings
  • Compatible with rope access technician, RopeClimber and suspended platforms
  • Aluminium mill finished or powder coated on demand
  • Manual, motorized or battery operated trolleys are available for different economy offers
  • Possibility of custom-made solutions with the Fallprotec’s engineering department

Working at height legislation

EN 1808:2015

Manual operated trolley

Trolley manually operated by a drive belt and compatible with RopeClimber or suspended platform. Suitable for short tracks up to 30 meters length. Easy annual maintenance.


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