InterContinental Yujiapu Hotel and Convention Center / InterContinental Hotels Group

The Luxury hotel in China’s new Manhattan

Tianjin, China
Bespoke design 90% System diversity 3 types Building height 40m Built-up area 30.000 s.q.m

A completely battery powered BMU

The InterContinental Tianjin Yujiapu Hotel and International Convention Center is a unique building shaped by slopes and curves. Its facade is going inward at every floor. Located in the heart of the Tianjin Yujiapu Financial District, it is home to a five-stars hotel, a convention center and several major financial corporations.


Design and produce a discreet system for cleaning the façade that does not require the three-phase power supply to avoid suspended wire cables.


A climbing SafeAccess C rail is integrated in the building’s canopy and merges into the architecture of the building. High friction trolleys powered by battery roll along the track. The battery-powered RopeClimber cradle can reach any point of the concave facade thanks to restraint systems.

  • RopeClimber cradle A lightweight battery powered BMU for 2 users with ropes
  • Concealing rail SafeAccess C 600m
  • Sloped rail sections Up to 15º
  • Pins restraint system For work positioning at inward facade
ropeclimber cradle lifting equipment for people
facade restraint for ropeclimber cradle

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance