Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs / SE&M Consultants

A Qatari government agency

Doha, Qatar
Bespoke design 80 % System diversity 5 types Building height 90 m Built-up area: 65.000 m²

The lightweight machine for structural limitations

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs (AWQAFM) is a Qatari government agency also known as the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. 


The building had some structural limitations from the early design stage, for that reason the weight of the BMU on the top floor had to be limited by shortening the outreach of the machine. 


FBA Gomyl engineers worked closely with the structural engineers of the building to find out the limits of weight and then to work out a solution by installing a SafeAccess monorail on the sloped part of the building. For the recessed areas, a fixed pantograph of 2m reach has been designed. The BMU is equipped with a knuckle boom to reach all facades of the building.

  • BMU Type FBA S A versatile machine with knuckle boom and pantograph cradles is designed for various building facades, considering factors like height, structure, load capacity, and space. Safety, economy, and practicality, ensuring coordination without structural impact
  • Safe access equipment type SafeAccess Approximately 100m of reinforced monorail with motorised trolleys
  • FBA PC Powered cradles sets 1 set for SafeAccess monorail
  • Anchor points 50 pieces distributed over several floors
  • Cable lifeline type SecuRope Approximately 60m
Ministry of Islamic Affairs
Ministry of Islamic Affairs building cleaning solution

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance