Hospital de Antofagasta / Sacyr Group

The new public hospital in northern Chile

Antofagasta, Chile
Bespoke design 80% System diversity 2 types Building height 40m Built-up area 114.00m²

An engineering challenge in a land with high seismic activity

The hospital will become the largest in Chile, with 45 consultation boxes, 24 emergency boxes, 16 dental boxes, 18 pavilions and 671 beds.

This public hospital will benefit a population of 260.000 people and will increase the availability of beds in the region, with hospital infrastructure and medical equipment of high level and complexity.


Chile is one of the most seismically active countries in the world. Due to this particular characteristic, the construction regulations are stringent.

The building has many different separated levels at various heights. It also has some inner facades. The roof decks do not have enough space for a typical BMU installation with rail-tracks fixed on the ground.


Two Building Maintenance Units are the fastest and easiest way to clean all the external facades. The continuous rail-track has been attached to the parapet due to the few space on the terraces.

To maintain internal courtyards, 20 sections of SafeAccess monorail system have been installed for the suspension of the RopeClimber lifting hoist with battery supply. This machine does not require a big storage area, an electrical power supply, it’s easy to transport between the courtyards and able to access small sections on the façades.

Engineering calculations for both systems have been thoroughly evaluated and approved by SIRVE Institute - Seismic Protection Technologies,

  • BMU type FBA 2 Machines fixed on the parapet of levels 4 and 9
  • Safe access equipment type SafeAccess 20 Monorail systems with RopeClimber Bosun chairs
Antofagasta Hospital building cleaning and maintenance
Antofagasta Hospital BMU on parapet

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance