Safe Access Solutions

Traversing davits


The davit system for extensive perimeters

The traversing davit applies where the labor-intensive operation of moving portable davits from location to location must be overcome.

The Davit system is a traditional and effective method to provide permanent access to facades of buildings with high parapets and little space on the roof for the installation of a complex BMU. Single-user cradles and bosun's chairs -such as RopeClimber bosun's chair - may also be suspended from individual davits. 

The davit moves systematically over a rail structure fixed to the inner side of the parapet. 

The design of the machine and its components are calculated with latest generation software and tested according to both European – EN1808 and Machine Directive 2006/42/CEE - and North American standards.


· Flexible Access: Traversing davits are employed where there is a need for both vertical and horizontal movement, providing access to a wider work area.

· Confined Spaces: Ideal for tasks in confined spaces where horizontal mobility is necessary.

· Facade Maintenance: Commonly used for building maintenance activities, such as window cleaning, where horizontal reach is crucial.

Safety Features:

· Fall Protection: Traversing davits incorporate safety features to prevent falls, including secure attachment points for personal fall protection equipment.

· Load Capacity: Manufacturers specify the maximum load capacity to ensure safe operations.

· Controlled Movement: Operators have control over both vertical and horizontal movements, enhancing safety and precision.

  • A lightweight solution
  • Optimal solution to cover the whole perimeter of a building
  • Rapidly installed and low-cost solution
  • The cradle or suspended equipment can be used for other maintenance systems
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • Modular system which allows augmentation or exclusion of elements

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance