Safe Access Solutions



A discrete solution for public terraces

The Davit system is a traditional and effective method to provide permanent and temporary access to facades and is typically used to suspend large work platforms. Single-user cradles and bosun's chairs – such as the RopeClimber bosun's chair - may also be suspended from individual davits. 

The Davit comprises a mast and a jib made in aluminium alloy. The Davit boom rotates on a special rolling collar to allow the platform to be maneuvered over the parapet. The platform is suspended from a captive trolley, allowing movement along the davit jib.

A temporary or portable Davit is designed such that it can be removed and relocated to different places of the building where sockets are installed.

Until today Davit systems of up to 5m height and 4m outreach have been installed.


Personnel Hoisting: Davits are frequently used for raising and lowering personeel in confined spaces, such as maintenance or inspection tasks on buildings, towers, or industrial stroctures.

Equipment Handling: They can also be employed for liftting and lowering equipment, tools, or materials to facilitate various tasks.


Boom: The horizontal arm of the davit that extends over the edge, providing the reach needed for hoisting operations.

Winch or Hoist: The mechanism used to lift or lower the load, controlled either manually or with a powered winch.

Base or Mounting System: The part of the davit that attaches to the structure, providing stability and support.

Safety Features:

Fall protection: Davits are designed with safety features to prevent falls, including secure attachment points for harnesses and lifelines.

Load Capacity: Manufacturers specify the maximum load capacity of the davit, ensuring safe operation.

  • A lightweight solution
  • Easily dissembled for ease of transport
  • Easily hidden while it is not in use
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • Rapidly installed and low-cost solution
  • Modular system which allows augmentation or exclusion of elements
  • The cradle or suspended equipment can be used for other maintenance systems

Tailor-made solutions for facade maintenance